Not So Super: It’s Time to go on Offense Against Sex Trafficking

Not So Super 2

Sex trafficking increases around big sporting events, which can be big pay days for pimps and traffickers.  In anticipation of Super Bowl weekend, NOW-NYC is joining #NotSoSuper, an attention-grabbing campaign to raise awareness about the real toll of human trafficking.

“To stand strong against sex trafficking at big events,
put on your game face.” #NotSoSuper

Take Action

Did you know the average age of entry into prostitution is about 13-years-old and 300,000 kids are at risk nationally for exploitation in the sex industry? Every day, thousands are affected by the sex trafficking industry. Sex trafficking doesn’t happen in a far-away land, it happens right here, right in our communities.

Go on the offense against sex trafficking. Here’s how.

1) Put on your game face. Put lipstick under your eyes to show everyone that sex trafficking is not OK. Upload the photo to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and tag it with #notsosuper. And tell your friends to do the same.

Sample tweets:

I’m going on the offensive against sex trafficking. Put lipstick under your eyes to let everyone know that you stand against trafficking. #notsosuper

Go on the offensive against sex trafficking. Put lipstick under your eyes, take a pic, and spread the word #notsosuper

2) Spread the word by sharing our poster art and posting to your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds. Visit:

3) Follow @caughtintraffik to see what it’s like living as a sex trafficking victim:

Every day another trafficking story. Help us END it! Check out @caughtintraffik inspired by @TheArtsEffect

4) Visit to see a powerful short film and hear the stories of real sex trafficking survivors. Then, sign the petition and make a difference.


Cuomo: Fund Services for Trafficking Victims

Governor Cuomo just signed a law that will ensure 16 and 17 year-old sex-trafficking victims are provided social services instead of jail time. Advocates have worked tirelessly for this new law, which will help sex trafficking victims get the services they need to get on with their lives.

Now, we must ensure there is funding behind this law so these services can be implemented. To receive this funding, it MUST be included in the Governor’s Executive budget, which will be released within the next two weeks.

Take Action!

Sign this petition from Covenant House, a service provider for trafficking victims

Tweet: Thank you @NYGovCuomo for signing #SafeHarborAct Please include funding for trafficking victim services in Executive Budget!

Thank you Assembly member @AmyPaulin for supporting sex trafficking victim services #SafeHarborAct

Teen trafficking victims will now get help instead of jail time, but only with $ from the state. Sign the petition: