The Arts Effect Reveals Truth about Youth Domestic Trafficking

The Arts Effect All-Girl Theater Company was founded in 2007 by Katie Cappiello & Meg McInerney as a nurturing, empowering space for girls ages 8-18 to come together  and artistically explore their world.  Through a unique combination of intensive acting training, creative writing, debate and discussion, mentorship, and public service, members of The Arts Effect All-Girl Theater Company become change agents – utilizing the power of the theater arts to share their voices, challenge communities, and inspire their peers. The Arts Effect is dedicated to the development of original plays (including the critically-acclaimed KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN, FACEBOOK ME, and SLUT), community events, and  in-school workshops throughout the United Sates and across the globe.  The Arts Effect has reached thousands of young people worldwide in its mission to raise awareness and spark open and honest communication about the challenges girls face – from the over-sexualization of girls in culture to sex trafficking; from the intense presence of social media in girls’ lives to reproductive rights/girls’ health.  Katie Cappiello and Meg McInerney recently developed Project Impact, a leadership-through-storytelling theater arts program for youth sex trafficking survivors, and Generation FREE (devised in collaboration with The Somaly Mam Foundation, Equality Now, and NOW-NYC), an anti-trafficking activism and community-building workshop for NYC teens. The Arts Effect’s latest play A Day in the Life provided inspiration for the Not So Super campaign and is currently being performed throughout the tri-state area.  Katie and Meg were recently honored by The National Women’s Hall of Fame and Congress for their dedication and innovation, and are proud contributors to Not So Super.

Written by Katie Cappiello and featuring the activists of The Arts Effect, A Day in the Life, reveals the truth about youth domestic trafficking and the impact of “pimp and ho” culture on lives of girls. Journey into lives of four teens whose paths have been forever changed by commercial sexual exploitation: Nadia attends her school’s annual Pimps and Hoes party, Eve’s father is arrested for solicitation, Kaitlyn’s cousin has been on the streets for 4 years with no support from family, and Desiree prepares to celebrate her Sweet 16 after finally escaping the life. These powerful stories, inspired by real events, will give audiences an authentic look at the complex, often misunderstood reality of domestic sex trafficking and the ways it touches us all.

The talented 14-17 year old actors/activists of The Arts Effect All-Girl Theater Company are proud to be featured in the Not So Super campaign.  Thank you to Brittany Adebumola, Vikki Eugenis, Clare Frucht, Odley Jean, Darci Siegel, Danielle Stefania, and Alice Stewart.



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