Update:City Council passes Taxi Sex-Trafficking Law

Excerpt by Michael Howard Saul via Metropolis at The Wall Street Journal

The bill, which the City Council passed unanimously this month, imposes a $10,000 fine and automatic license revocation for any TLC-licensed driver or owner who is convicted of a felony related to sex trafficking, provided the perpetrator used a TLC-licensed vehicle to commit the crime.

The mayor’s decision not to sign the bill on Wednesday elicited fierce criticism. Council Speaker Christine Quinn said the decision reflected  the mayor’s “fundamental misunderstanding” of the legislation. If he failed to sign it, she said, it would be an “unconscionable misstep.”

On Friday, he signed the bill live on his radio show.

“I am very happy that this is finally happening today,” said Julissa Ferreras, a Queens Democrat and the bill’s chief sponsor, who briefly joined Bloomberg on the radio show.

“Well, the more I read it and the more I talked about it, the better I think your idea is,” Bloomberg replied.


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