Halogen TV Recognizes Stop Human Trafficking NY, Raises Awareness through TV Show

One of Halogen TV’s most critically-acclaimed shows is the Emmy nominated Tainted Love.   This groundbreaking series brings awareness to the catastrophe of sex trafficking, and gives viewers information on ways they can help bring it to an end.  The second season of Tainted Love will air this fall.

This season of Tainted Love will take viewers across the world to the cities of Delhi and Mumbai in India; and several popular sex trafficking destinations in the US such as Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Portland to examine the cultivating problem.   Audiences will see in depth interviews with experts, compelling stories of survivors and the inspiring work of modern-day abolitionists.  Episodes will be wrapped up with a “Call to Action” piece that highlights the real life heroes fighting the tragedy every day.  

Halogen TV has dedicated a page of their website, http://halogentv.com/shows/taintedlove/tainted-love-anti-trafficking-organizations/ that lists organizations who are helping to make a difference, and the Stop Human Trafficking New York was recently added to their Anti-Human Trafficking Organization Contact List.

Some of the ways you can help Halogen TV make as many people aware of the atrocity of human trafficking include:

  • Liking the Tainted Love Facebook Page (click here)
  • Liking the Halogen TV Facebook Page (click here)
  • Posting Facebook messages about Tainted Love on your Facebook Profile & Pages
  • Following @halogentv on Twitter and retweeting about the show
  • Sending out Tweets about Tainted Love on your Twitter Feeds using the hash tag #taintedlove
  • Forwarding emails about Tainted Love to your family, friends, and colleagues

Tainted Love airs Sunday nights at 10pm EST on Halogen TV.  To find where to watch in your area visit www.halogentv.com/FindHalogen.


Halogen TV (www.halogentv.com) is a socially-conscious entertainment network that tells the stories of amazing people who are making the world a better place to live.  Our mission is to encourage viewers to “be the change” they want to see in the world, and our programming not only highlights pop-culture and eco-friendly issues, but sheds light on social injustices and inequalities that include the war in Uganda, domestic sex trafficking and other global issues.



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