Ex-sportscaster Dr. Marvell Scott pleads guilty to inappropriately touching a child for encounter with trafficked teen prostitute

From The Daily Mail:


A former sportscaster turned-doctor has admitted inappropriately touching a 14-year-old girl despite earlier denying the allegations.

Dr Marvell Scott, from New York, pleaded guilty today to a misdemeanour charge of endangering the welfare of a child – who was a runaway child prostitute.

He said he only learned her age after the encounter in June 2008 which allegedly took place at his Manhattan apartment.

At the time the charges were first brought against him he said: ‘The whole thing was a hoax. They’re pursuing a case that has no proven evidence for it and they’re relying on the testimonies of criminals and liars.’

His case will be closed without jail time or probation if he does 20 days of community service.

Lawyers Benjamin Brafman and John Pappalardo noted that 38-year-old Scott has always said he was not guilty of rape, which was the initial top charge.

According to his lawyers, Scott was the victim of a shakedown by two prostitutes and a pimp.

Scott left his job as a weekend sportscaster at WABC-TV in summer 2009 to pursue his medical career as a specialist in sports medicine.

A WCBS reporter tweeted about the case: ‘Marvel Scott admits inviting three troubled runaways to his Manhattan apartment in June 2008. Gave DNA sample one year ago.

The girl, apparently a runaway from Albany, and a 16-year-old friend were out of cash, and said they met a man in Times Square who ‘said he could help them make money’.

Prosecutors say that they then ran into Scott, who agreed to pay for sex with the girls, taking them to his West 47th Street home, according to Newsday.

The 14-year-old allegedly fled, ‘but when Scott demanded his money back, the 16-year-old talked the younger girl into going back’, according to the Daily News.

It is then alleged that the older girl stayed in the bedroom while Scott and the younger girl had sex so the girl wouldn’t be afraid, prosecutors said.

Further, prosecutors claim that Scott called the pimp after the incident to ask for the 14-year-old again.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2026721/Sportscaster-turned-doctor-pleads-guilty-inappropriately-touching-child.html#ixzz1VtHszeXZ


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