Bill Punishes Prostituted Women but Does Not Address Demand

Bill 1313-B was signed into law on July 20, 2011 by Governer Cuomo. Under this bill, there will be harsher punishments for prostitutes caught working in a school zone. Unbelievably, a key part of this bill which would have created a stronger punishment for the johns involved  was stripped away in negotiations. Making matters worse, the pimps are virtually let off the hook because the standard to prove their guilt is higher than those being prostituted. As a response to this, Governer Cuomo has filed a memorandum along with his bill approval which states, “I therefore urge the Legislature to enact similar enhanced penalties for patronizing a prostitute within a school zone, in order to protect our children”. The best response would have been to just not sign it.
Our letter to Governer Cuomo.

For more information about how demand shapes prostitution and enables human trafficking go here or here


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